Character Build Rules

Character Creation Guidelines
Each Player must present at least 2 character concepts(not builds or specifics, but merely concepts, a short bit about who, what, why of a potential character) Below are some tools to help you flesh out a concept.
NOTE All characters should have some reason or interest in piracy, and/or to be in a high-piracy area. Whether they’re pirates themselves, descendants of such, merchants, slaves(escaped, newly-captured, etc) or some other reason, they should want to become a pirate, or at least not be opposed to the idea.

Race: Any, subject to DM approval

Class: Any other than Paladin, subject to DM approval

Alignment: No LG or CE. Any other subject to DM approval, subject to change based on play

Abilities/Stats: Roll 4d6 & remove the lowest die. If two or more are tied for lowest, re-roll those dice. Do this 8 times and keep 6 of your choice

Feats, Spells, Skills, etc: Any, subject to DM approval

Starting Level: 1st, 500 gp starting gold

Other: Up to two traits(from separate categories as usual). A Campaign Trait that ties in with your background will be chosen by the DM and granted as well. In addition, up to 2 Drawbacks may be taken for extra traits. Exotic Weapon Proficiency will be treated as a Trait instead of a Feat (except for EWP:Firearms). The “Crimes of the Forsaken” from The Way of the Wicked adventure path may also be taken as Traits, and may be granted as a Campaign Trait if properly fitting the character’s backstory.

Background: Ad-hoc XP may be given for extraordinary Roleplaying, critical thinking, etc. XP may be withheld for Meta-gaming, poor roleplaying, etc

Character Build Rules

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