Peg Legs and Eye Patches or "Scars and Wounds"

This optional rules system gives GMs a way to assign scars and major wounds to their PCs. Before implementing this system, consider these rules carefully. Major wounds can have major effects upon play, and some groups may not appreciate such debilitations, preferring the threat of death
and an unscarred resurrection over a thematic crippling.

These rules are a variation on the optional massive damage rule found on page 189 of the Core Rulebook. Whenever a character takes damage equivalent to massive damage, he must make a successful DC 15 Fortitude save or be reduced to –1 hit points and gain a permanent debilitating scar or handicap. These effects are randomly determined by rolling 1d20 on the table below.

Effects are permanent and cumulative, though the GM should reroll results that seem too crippling or don’t make sense—such as a character losing a hand two or three times. The regenerate s pell heals scars and restores lost limbs, removing both positive and negative effects.

Rules for eye patches, peg legs, and prostheses to cover injuries and replace lost limbs may be found in Pirates of the Inner Sea.

d20 Battle Scar or Amputation
1–5 Minor scar—interesting but otherwise cosmetic
6–8 Moderate scar—cut on face (+1 bonus on Charisma-based skill checks for first scar only, consider subsequent cuts as a major scar)
9–10 Major scar—severe cut on face (–1 penalty on Charisma-based skill checks**)
11–14 Loss of finger (for every 3 fingers lost, –1 Dex)
15–16 Impressive wound (–1 Con)
17 Loss of eye (–4 penalty on all sight-based Perception checks)
18 Loss of leg (speed reduced to half, cannot charge)
19 Loss of hand (cannot use two-handed items*)
20 Loss of arm (–1 Str, cannot use two-handed items*)

Losing a single hand or arm does not affect a spellcaster’s ability to cast spells with somatic components.
At the GM’s discretion, characters with major scars may also be granted a +1 bonus on all Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate checks against other pirates, as the scars of battle are much admired by pirates.

Peg Legs and Eye Patches or "Scars and Wounds"

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